Website Publishers

  • Add a free job board widget to your site.
  • Jobs targeted to your visitors are shown.
  • Employers post their jobs. You get paid.


  • Post a job: $99 to $525 per post (depending on the website publishers pricing model)
  • We target your job to millions of passive job seekers on the websites they already visit
"this is a cool idea" -- B.P.
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Questions? (for website publishers)

  • How does this work?
  • Your site has a lot of visitors who share interests and skills. Employers want to reach people who have those skills. By adding the JobCoin widget (pictured above) to your website, you provide relevant content to your visitors and companies will pay you to list jobs in this widget.

    And yes, you have full control over what jobs are shown in your widget (we'll explain that below). This is your website and these are your visitors, we're just helping you monetize your traffic.
  • Where do the jobs come from?
  • The jobs come from two places. (1) Employers who visit your website can post jobs directly to your site. And (2) jobs posted to other website in the JobCoin Network. For example, if your website caters to San Francisco marketing professionals and a marketing job in the San Francisco area gets posted to another site, we will place this job on your site as well. You can also search for and extract Job Postings from other external job sites to ensure that your JobCoin job board is always filled with jobs for potential applicants.
  • How do I get paid?
  • You earn revenue every time someone posts a job to your site you get a "sales commission" for originating this job post. The standard revenue share rate is 70% for the web publisher (i.e., you) and 30% for JobCoin. Employers pay between $99 and $525 to post a job to your site or to any other site in the network. You are free to set the price to post on your JobCoin job board and you can also create discount coupons for special clients that you wish to allow to post a job for free.

    We pay the revenue you've earned on a weekly basis, 30 days after posts occur, and we pay out using PayPal. You can monitor your earnings real-time in your status panel.
  • How do you know what jobs to put on my site?
  • When you first sign-up with JobCoin, you tell us a little about your audience and you pick some jobs to put on your site. From that point on, JobCoin is continually learning from your visitors' behavior to optimize which jobs we place on your site, and which jobs we feature for the users. Our goal is to present jobs that appeal to your visitors so we maximize revenue for you.
  • How does this compare with traditional advertising on my site?
  • There are two advantages of job listings over traditional advertising. First, job listings actually offer value to your visitors; they are a form of relevant content. Many visitors feel that they "put up with" traditional ads to get the free content you are providing.

    Second, clicking a job listing keeps the visitor on your site, unlike traditional advertising that directs them off-site. This means that you keep your visitors attention, plus you get additional pageviews to your site. When a visitor clicks a job listing in your JobCoin widget, they are taken to your site's private job board (see an example). You can completely style this job board so it uses your site's HTML/CSS template and you can use a custom domain like http://jobs.yourdomain.com. In fact, you can even put traditional advertising on the job board pages!

    Running a successful site is about trying new things and listening to your audience to see how they respond. If ads are working for you, keep using them. You can add JobCoin in addition.
  • What if I don't like one of the jobs on my site? Can I control what jobs are allowed?
  • Yes, if you ever see a job you would like to remove for any reason, you can login to your account and remove it. If you want to set up some rules about what jobs are allowed, you can set up rules for both geographic and keyword filtering. For example, you can tell the system that you only want jobs near a certain zip code, or that you only want jobs that have keyword such as "PHP" or "nursing" in the post.

    If you really want to, you can even tell JobCoin not to put any jobs on your site from the network.
  • Why would I want to be connected to the JobCoin Network? Can't I just run my own stand-alone job board and make more money?
  • If you want to run a stand-alone job board independent from the network, you can do this. JobCoin software supports this as well, and you can switch back and forth at any time.

    There are a couple reasons we created this network and, by default, we plug you into it. Currently there are about 3000 niche job boards on websites all across the internet. That is a daunting array of options for employers to choose from, and frankly a lot of these job boards don't work well. Either they have a great audience of job seekers but they are not getting many posts to the board, or they have lots of job posts but they aren't delivering a lot of applications to these posts.

    Most websites do not have an audience that is equally balanced in this respect, or just isn't big enough to get the volume. The JobCoin Network solves this problem and enables you to maximize your revenue regardless of the makeup of your audience.

    But all that said, if you want to run a stand-alone job board that is detached from the network, by all means, give it a try. After you create your JobCoin account, you will find an option in the control panel. Contact us if you need any assistance. When running a stand-alone job board, you can control the price, you can create coupons to offer different prices to different people, you can customize categories. You really are in full-control.
  • Why would employers want to post jobs to my site, or to JobCoin, when they have sites like Monster, CareerBuilder, and Craigslist?
  • A lot of the talented people out there already have jobs. Many of them are not thinking about a new career, and even those that are, may be waiting to see what comes their way. Frankly, a large percentage of great candidates just aren't browsing the major job boards.

    Posting a job on your site is a great way for companies to reach talent that would otherwise be very difficult to reach.
  • Is this a "widget" or is this a "job board", I'm not sure I understand?
  • It's both. The "widget" is what you insert into your existing website to show job listings. The "job board" is where your visitors are taken when they click on a job listing to see the full details (see an example). You can even completely style this job board so it uses your site's HTML/CSS template and you can use a custom domain like http://jobs.yourdomain.com.

  • How do I set it up?
  • After you sign-up, we give you a single line of HTML code to copy and paste anywhere onto your site. That's it. You can even include the jobs in your RSS feed and in your e-mail newsletter.
  • Is JobCoin available in other languages or other currencies?
  • Currently we only support English and US dollars. We plan to expand in the future. Please contact us to let us know what country you would like us to support.
  • Additional questions? Try creating your job board. It's free, takes five minutes, and you'll learn a lot by playing with it. Or, contact us. We're happy to help.

Questions? (for employers)

  • How does this work?
  • Click the button above to post your job. The cost is typically between $99 to $525 and you can pay instantly with your credit card. As soon as your payment is processed, our system analyzes your job title and the text of your job description and begins placing it on appropriate sites. From that point on, we continually monitor how visitors respond to it and optimize which websites to show it on. Our goal is to deliver you highly qualified applicants and avoid unqualified applicants.

    Your post will run for 30 days or until you get 20 applicants, whichever comes first. Some JobCoin job boards are placed on niche sites with very targeted audiences and these sites may offer higher prices to post with longer job posting periods (e.g., 60 or 90 days) and/or larger numbers of applicants (e.g., 40, 60, unlimited).
  • How does this compare with traditional job boards like Monster or CareerBuilder?
  • JobCoin is a push instead of a pull model. When you post a job to a traditional job board, you are only reaching people who go to the site and search for those types of jobs. By posting your job in the JobCoin Network, we proactively put your opportunity in front of the candidates you're trying to reach.

    Why is this better? The more talented the individual you are trying to hire, the less likely you will find them on traditional job boards because they're not having a hard time finding job opportunities. We help you reach the passive job seekers, candidates who are currently employed but waiting to see what interesting opportunities come their way.
  • Can I pay with a purchase order?
  • We prefer credit card, but if you insist, sure. Contact us to make arrangements.
  • Can I pick which sites to post my job to?
  • The whole goal of the JobCoin Network is to make it easier on you so you don't have to pick individual sites. The JobCoin Network does a much better job picking sites than we ever could do ourselves, plus it adapts real-time as it sees how visitors respond to the job.

    If you see things differently, we'd love to hear from you. Contact us to share your thoughts.
  • Will this work for any type of job?
  • Yep, we have an amazing range of sites already in the JobCoin Network. From eldercare nurses to AS400 computer programmers to fire protection engineers, and new sites are joining every day.
  • Additional questions? Contact us. We're happy to help.

"The real beauty of JobCoin is two-fold. First, I have total control over the branding of the application so I don't have to worry about confusing users by sending them to some foreign looking site. Second, it required no installation; my job board was up and running in a matter of minutes, not days or weeks."

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